5 Foolproof Design Moves That Can Transform Your Home

Designing your home is a very tall order. Some homeowners often consult with experts in Paul Bishop design just to know whether they are doing the right thing. But even without the help of a professional, you can still transform your living space into a stunning abode.

If you are looking for more interior design hacks, here are some things that can help change up your home:

  • Go for indoor gardening

When people think of gardening, the first thing that comes to their minds are exterior and messy. But there are ways where you can do this indoors and be part of your home design. Indoor and vertical gardening is considered as the latest interior design trends that get the bloom enthusiasts on the hook. Filling up your space with plants and floras can help improve indoor air quality and also create a positive impact inside the space.

  • Use literature to decorate

If you have old books lying around, do not dispose or store them. Instead, use them to your advantage. Try to use them as a wall accent to give your space more interesting look. You can create an innovative book shelves in your wall that would serve as a storage and as a design ornament.

  • Stock your bathroom nicely

Sometimes, some homeowners haphazardly stock their bathroom for the sake of filling it up and addressing the needs of the people who are using it. But you can also do it in a way that you can help with the design impact of the space. Put some plush toiletries storage and stock your toiletries creatively. But you also need to ensure that your bathroom is always fully-stocked to ensure that vibe will always be the same.

  • Design using clutter

You have a couple of old jewelries lying around, waiting to be disposed. But hold that thought. Instead of throwing them out, try to use them as a design accent to help make your space more interesting. This would create a very personalized and distinct vibe in your space. Just be creative on picking and using these cluttered items. If possible, tell a story.

  • Compile a collage

Memories are effective design accents. So, get those old photos blown up, pick some creative frames and hang them on your wall for the world to see.

Consult with interior design and architectural design consultants in Dubai for more tips.

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