Drop Ship & Fulfillment

Private label manufacturing solves the problems faced by individuals entering the nutraceutical industry. With the main responsibilities of manufacturing and storage covered by the private label company. This allows the individual to focus on other business prospects. Private labels under Intermountain supplements provide the best quality products and services. With highest quality products created under strict quality control you can use existing products or even create custom formulas. A team of experienced scientists, researchers in this field are at your disposal to help you create the product you need.

We provide online order fulfillment for private label companies to save money and time in the routine. Most private label companies handle their inventories on their own. This includes checking and balancing the stocks, shipping nationally and internationally and taking care that the products which are in most demand do not get short. The responsibilities also include analyzing which products should be kept in which quantity. This is important to ensure that products are not piled up and keep rotating. Now to keep such a large stock maintained you need a large warehouse and a defined system for updating any changes in the stocks.

To handle these problems most companies have shifted to online order fulfillment. Partnering with a set company like Custom parcel solution, you can save yourself from a number of hassles. Custom parcel solutions takes over your stock maintenance and shipping saving you time and money. It helps reduce your time as you don’t have to maintain and take care of your stocks and money of having a warehouse or employees to take care of the facility.

Moreover using online order fulfillment you can have a professional shipping and packing company at your disposal. With a set system of automatic updates of stock change along with a system where you can check at any time regarding what stock is present or not, it helps you to be hassle free and provide your customer the best of service. This helps in creating a loyal customer base and allows you to focus more on business expansion and marketing. With intermountain supplements it’s a perfect blend of quality manufacturing and responsible packaging and shipping.