5 Ways You Can Add A Rustic Vibe To Your Property

A vintage vibe is something that many homeowners would like to achieve on their property designs. This design scheme is timeless and classic. But transforming your whole properly to rustic space can be expensive and you need to put time and effort on scouting the right accents.

However, interior designers believe that you can create a rustic feeling with minimal changes in your properly. If you are aiming on turning your space to a vintage shack, here are some changes you can employ:

  1. Go for terracotta tiles


Terracotta tiles is one of the oldest home accents and materials used by our predecessors. Originated in Europe, terra cotta literally means “baked earth”. This is a type of earthenware that used clay as its base and use for creating homes and building structures.  It is created and molded using a mold container and is strengthen using fire. This process is quite long and very tedious to do. But in this modern times, there are synthetic terracotta tiles available for homeowners to use for their flooring and roof. You can contact your trusted suppliers of terracotta tiles in Dubai to provide you with all the terracotta tiles that you need.

  1. Upgrade your gate


Another way you can add a rustic feel to your property is by upgrading your gate to a Victorian-style gate. You might have seen this gate from famous and old land structures in Europe. The intricate design of this gate can add sophistication and vintage feel to your property. You can still modernize this by installing gate openers and adding security features like monitoring cameras and an intercom system.


  1. Use wood inside your home


If you are looking to transform your home into a vintage shack, then upgrade some of your home features to wood. As simple as using wooden tables and chairs can add a much-needed rustic vibe to your space.


  1. Go for old school bulbs


Some people think that Edison-type bulbs are outdated and obsolete in terms of design. But if you are trying to transform your home to a vintage space, then you can use this old school bulbs as design accents and lighting fixtures.


  1. Try natural-colored accents


Natural and neutral colors not only speak of sophistication, but it can also add a touch of class to a space. Create the vintage vibe by using neutral colored ornaments.

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