Intermountain Nutrition has been in the nutraceutical industry for almost  4 years now and have created a team of professionals to meet all your needs. With hundreds of creations under our belt ranging from healthcare, sports, nutrition and beauty products, we are a respected name in private label product manufacturing. Through private labelling, lower cost alternatives are created to regional, national or international brands. With a simple procedure available, its easy to create your own business utilizing Intermountain supplements. The process from conception to distribution is easy.

You can connect by email at and a dedicated sales representative will be assigned to assist you throughout the process. With a variety of accepted payment options and brand marketing for your product, intermountain supplements provide a simple solution to every problem faced by new business owners.

Minimum size of order is 1000 bottles and the quote you receive is the final price with no hidden fees. Lowest costing products are used for your formulation or product and you can even provide your own raw ingredients if you wish.

The lead time for custom products is only 2-4 weeks and formulation can also be created for you if it doesn’t exist. Our laboratory scientists have created dozens of successful new products and will be at your disposal to create the product you need for free. You can even create your products in different forms such as tablet, powders, veggie caps, soft gels, juices, serums and much more.

Intermountain supplements not only supports manufacturing but also helps you develop your label, logos and website graphics for your product. This service usually will cost you hundreds of dollars but we provide this service complementary as we believe that if your business grows, we grow. If you require rush or emergency service, a small fees will be charged. Your product can also have labels printed on them at competitive prices utilizing our manufacturing scale printers.

With GMP certified services registered with the FDA, you can be assured of high quality of service and products offered by Intermountain supplements. This allows you to concentrate on the marketing and business end with minimum investment with maximum output.

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