Dubai Airport FAQs That Every Traveler Should Know

Dubai airports are known for their state-of-the-art facilities that provides travelers a one-of-a-kind experience. Travelers who are able to pass through Dubai airports would testify how amazing Dubai airports are.

If you are feeling pretty excited about seeing DBX or DWC, here are some FAQs that might interest you.

  1. What items are prohibited in Dubai?

Like any other airports and jurisdictions, there are items that you cannot bring. Two of the things that you cannot bring to UAE and Dubai are narcotics and gambling items. It is also prohibited to bring weapons, firearms, and printed materials that are promoting anti-Islamic beliefs or readings pertaining to promiscuity and indecency. Be sure to check the list of things that you are not allowed to bring to avoid getting into trouble with the airport authorities.

  1. Can I go to Dubai without a visa?

Everybody is required to get and present a visa when entering Dubai, unless come from countries that belongs to Gulf Corporation Council or Western and North Europe. Dubai offers different types of visas – fro, visit visa to employment visa. It would be best to check with your trusted visa service center on what type of visa would best suit your traveling needs. If your visa is nearing its expiry date, you can also apply for a Dubai visa change so you will have no problem with your stay in Dubai.

  1. Can I get around the city with a transit visa?

Yes, you can. In fact, passengers with stopover and layover flights in Dubai are highly encourage to apply for transit visa in Dubai so they can explore the city while they are waiting for their next connecting flight. Passengers with connecting flights and don’t have transit visa will not be allowed to leave the airport. If your connecting flight would take too long, it would be best to explore Dubai first.

  1. Is there a medical facility in the airport?

Yes. Dubai airports are equipped with medical facilities to accommodate passengers who fall ill while they are in the vicinity. These clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art medical tools and are being manned by competent medical professionals.

  1. Will connectivity be a problem?

Passengers who are in the airport are allowed to connect on Dubai’s free WiFi connection for one hour. But for passengers who are in need of intensive data use, there are paid WiFi portals or subscribe to the airport’s WiFi partner.