Reasons behind the popularity of Indian cinema in Middle East

Your favorite Malayalam cinema in Dubai is quite popular and you being a citizen know it. So passionate are you that you will not miss a single opportunity, and movie and will book the first show as soon as it is released. In the meantime, you might have the opportunity to meet your favorite Indian celebrities as well as they keep attending events, concerts and some parties in Dubai and other states in UAE. It is quite possible that your favorite stars land here sooner or later and attend events that may be arranged. If you are a fan, you have a great opportunity to meet your stars and this opportunity comes almost every year. There is no denying the fact that watching Indian movies is great fun. Not only is it a great time pass, it is something you will look forward to more often than not. Let’s say that Indian movies are addictive and have the class that a usual movie fan would expect from quality movies. That said, there is a lot more to an Indian movie than just entertainment. You might be wondering what would that be, but the truth is that it a laborious work behind the scenes that eventually brings out a masterpiece. You will be surprised to know that during 70s, a movie took twelve years to complete as it ran into some troubles. The amount of work required to even complete a small budget movie can be a lot.


For several reasons, some experts claim that direction takes the driving seat in an Indian movie. You may have a hard time believing that direction is one department that takes more burden of making a movie than anything. Yes, the script and production are important but not much can be done and the movie might fall flat on the face if directed by some not so proficient director. Yes, there have been instances where new entrants like Farhan Akhter made impact on their debut movies but such instances are rare and should be taken as such.


The building block of any movie is where it is all written prior to performance. Even the director has to follow the script without making significant alterations in the final plot. The script is the key to any movie but in Indian movies, they hold more importance for obvious reasons. So much so that script writers become almost as famous as the lead actors of the movie.

Watching Bollywood cinemas in Dubai is indeed great fun so have your fun moment by watching the latest movie.

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